Just another 40 year old white soccer mom fed up with the capitalist-patriarchal-hetero-white-male-supremacist industrial complex.

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  1. Hey you’re awesome. I’m a survivor as well. I write too, vancouverpoverty.com and concurrentrecovery.com

    Both wp sites, would you care to guest write for me?


  2. Great post on “I didn’t report because Fuck you”….we share a commonality as I was raped at Carleton U as well….and didn’t report….Thanks for the post


      • Your Fuck You column: excellent, well said! People don’t realize that not only single parents are busy beyond capacity, but on top of that we don’t have a partner/best friend to take stock and talk things through with every night. We are the sole matriarch. We make all the decisions. We consult with ourselves. Your reasons to not report are 100% valid. If I had reported all the times I was touched, groped, coerced, I would spend more time in courts that in my own bed. Why bother. There are more important things to do.

        Unpopular Opinions is just an asshole who is bored at home and feels a thrill by putting other people down.


  3. oh, the fuck you, somtimes that’s what we got. I don’t buy this stuff about how it’s the way it is, La De fuckjng da. patriarchy is a fuckkng wasteland for women, men, children, trans folk….and it is culture. we are culture making machines. Men need to step up and step out…men need to hold men account table. That means your friends, little brothers uncle Jo……….and somtimes a good fuck you goes a long way. Thank you for this rich fuck you.

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  4. You are awesome and your “I didn’t report because fuck you” article is awesome. Any and all negative comments are a product of the capitalist-patriarchal-hetero-white-male-supremacist industrial complex. Don’t give that shit any of your time and energy, you need it for changing the world.

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    • I have to reply again because wow. It feels even better to hear it in song than it felt to write it. You are dead on. And you added some excellent points. And Kristin’s backups are simply angelic. hahaha


      • Thank you!! I recorded a version of it with flugelhorn and I was wondering if it would be ok by you if I released it on my new EP called “Gaslight?” The EP is about sexual assault and gaslighting

        Email me and I’ll send you the recording!


  5. Hi! I’m so glad you like my song! I’m recording a version of it (with flugel horn), and I just wanted to make sure it is OK with you if I release it. You can email me at erinsaoirseadair.music@gmail.com and I’ll send you a recording. The lyrics are a bit different from the ones in the video


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